this is a new bethlehem freebie service here as a little thank you for all you people who supported us through all the years. special mixes, unreleased tracks, new songs etc. will be posted here from time to time. you easily can download those tracks by just clicking on the song title under the asylum image. (the asylum cell surely will be filled up during the next years). all songs are done as good quality MP3s in 320 kbps. enjoy and never forget - play loud !

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You may copy and distribute any song UNDER THREE CONDITIONS:
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3/ do mention the fact that these songs were made by BETHLEHEM
Asylum Download 001 - "The 11th Hour..." - Music by Bethlehem, Germany 2004 - Lyrics by Nihilist, USA 2004 - the vocals originally were done for the "Mein Weg" album but were never released anywhere. In June 2009 the song again was mixed and mastered by Bartsch & alexanderwelt. Nihilist is the singer of IN MEMORIUM from Seattle, USA and already worked together with us on the STAHLMANTEL release "Satan Snuff Machine". Check out their profile on myspace if you wanna, here´s the link:

Vocals recorded @ Offstage Studios, West Paterson N.J., USA April 25th 2004.
Vocals recorded by Eduard Kleyner

#####Nihilist 2007

Asylum Download 002 - "Mein Weg" - by Frank Sinatra. This is a cover version we did as a hidden track for the album "Mein Weg" back in 2004. The vocals were done by "Guido Meyer de Voltaire" who also has sung the whole album. The music was done by "Bartsch - Bass", "Wolz - Drums" and "Takarth - Piano". The Trumpets, Violin etc. Samples were done by "Markus Stock" (The Vision Bleak, Empyrium). The download version of the song was re-mastered by Bartsch in July 2009.

#####Sinatra 1945